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Here at Brandinclair Sales Agency we are extremly dedicated, and with over 20 plus years of HVAC-R sales experience we are here to help you move forward. Calling on over 100 Wholesalers, Engineering Firms, Community Colleges and numerous Contractors in Atlantic Canada we strive to always make our customers happy. At Brandinclair we always stay Dedicated, Compassionate and Motivated to offer excellent products and Superb customer service.

For all your HVAC-R needs please feel free to reach out to Bernie Burke (owner/operator) via phone or email at or 902-397-1637.

For all your LG and Panasonic Mini Split needs contact Allison Burke via phone or email at or 902-664-7502.

Quality HVAC-R Brands we Represent

Your single source for Quality Products in Refrigeration, Heating & AC, Electrical and Service Tools.

Offering everything from Equipment pads, Disconnects, Whips, Surge Protectors, Coil Cleaners, Brackets and Stands….. We’ve Got it.

Maestro Smart and Pro Series Heat Pumps with NO outside unit. Designed to provide quiet and efficient comfort for Cooling & Heating for either Residential or Commercial Spaces.

Indoor Air Quality for Coil, Air and Surface Disinfection. Fresh-Aire UV is effective in eliminating Biological and Chemical contaminants. These consist of Mold, Mildew, Bacteria, Viruses, Allergens, Toxic VOC-S.

Offering Double Wall Oil and Lube storage tanks. Also Hydronic Radiant Heating, Snowmelt Systems and much more.

Coils & Air Handlers
With 100% of Aspen’s products undergoing rigorous testing, you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality product with one of the lowest leak rates in the industry.

BRISK Mfg Inc is a manufacturer of many industrial air products including Fire Dampers, Control Dampers, Manual Dampers, Smoke Dampers and more. They also offer high quality HVAC products in two market categories – Air Movement Control and Air Distribution.

Brazing Alloys & Fluxes, Solders & Fluxes, Oxy-Fuel Equipment and Fuel Gasses.

Airmark is a newly developed line of air conditioning products designed to give you the competitive edge in today’s multi-family construction industry. Our products are designed and tested by experienced engineers with intense focus on the value of quick, seamless installations.

Wearing Buffalo Booties is an inexpensive and simple way to make that “POWERFUL FIRST IMPRESSION”. For just pennies per pair, you’ll set yourself apart from your competition.

Single Package Vertical Heat Pumps w/Inverters
The SPV is a highly efficient Single Package Vertical unit that is designed as better alternative for New Construction and Retrofit Projects.  (Optional – With a Compact design, the SPV can be installed in small areas, freeing up valuable floor space.)

Cool Estate is a Master Distributor of premier residential and commercial HVAC/R equipment.

For all your LG and Panasonic and Fujitsu Mini Split needs contact Allison Burke via phone or email at or 902-664-7502.

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